Bogamus and Friends
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Bogamus is a troll, not a bad sort as trolls go but then again "as trolls go" isn't saying much (most trolls are complete stinkers). One day Bogamus had to leave his beloved bridge (every troll has their own bridge which they hold dearly and cherish) and went off on an adventure. On that adventure he met a great many people and many other creatures in both the Magical Realm and the real world. The Bogamus and Friends series tells both Bogamus's story and also tells the stories of the people and creatures that Bogamus met on his adventure.

The Bogamus and Friends stories are both fast paced and humourous and are suitable for children aged seven to twelve, although many people who are much older also enjoy them. Curently there are just two books in the Bogamus and Friends series, although more are planned.


1 - Bogamus the Troll

'Waaaarrrrrrrraaaaaaarrrrrrrraaaaaaggggghhhhhhh!’ Bogamus was having a bad day. The three billy goats Gruff had sneaked, tricked and finally buffeted him off his bridge and away from the river that ran under it. But a prang from a billy goat's horn was not the end for Bogamus, who found himself floating along the river. Why not follow Bogamus as he travels along the river and has all sorts of adventures with all sorts of people.


2 - Villainous Vic

The quiet town of Bealey is brought to its knees when Villainous Vic, the most villainous villain in the history of villainy, escapes from prison. But an escaped criminal is not the only problem faced by the Bealey police force as Professor Rawbling is demanding police protection for his latest invention and if that wasn't enough there is also the annual police jumble sale to organise.

Nathan Jones 2011-2014

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